A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

Jukeboxes Get Your Customers Moving

Bars, restaurants and other hospitality and entertainment venues have been adding sleek and modern jukeboxes to their establishments to keep patrons staying longer and cashing in on the added revenue.
Betson is proud to distribute AMI jukeboxes. AMI Entertainment Network has spent more than a century developing hi-tech music entertainment solutions for the bar, restaurant, and hospitality industries. Music is at the heart of everything AMI does. They are a music network and customer engagement platform that tens of thousands of commercial businesses turn to today, to elevate their atmosphere.
NGX Curve Jukebox by AMI

NGX Curve

Delivering non-stop, revenue-generating entertainment
The NGX Curve is an eye-popping jukebox designed to bring new life to bar decors. With its stunning arc design and mesmerizing light show, the Curve draws patrons in and keeps the music flowing. Its petite, curvy frame is small enough to fit on any wall but demands attention from everywhere.
NGX Mini 3

NGX Mini 3 Jukebox

Big Tunes. Small Package.
Experience the AMI advantage with the unforgettable NGX Mini 3, the digital jukebox that gives you great sound, unbeatable music selection, and location-friendly configuration options in a compact size that’s perfect for smaller spaces. It’s everything you expect from a wall-mounted digital jukebox in a package that won’t cramp your style.
AMI NGX Ultra Jukebox

NGX Ultra

The Ultimate Next-Generation Jukebox

The NGX Ultra is the ultimate next-generation internet jukebox, delivering hit songs, whole albums, music videos, mobile control, and on-demand digital signage in a sleek and innovative package that rocks the house. With robust entertainment, revenue-boosting features, and powerful promotional capabilities, the NGX Ultra takes the experience to a whole new level.
AMI NGX Infinity Jukebox

NGX Infinity

The Floor-Model Jukebox for today and Beyond
Every AMI jukebox is crafted to stand out from the crowd, but the NGX INFINITY takes things to a new level with attitude, style and a fully-integrated speaker system that’s ready to rock. Complete with mid-bass, tweeter, and a widescreen high-definition display, it’s the floor-model rich in AMI tradition, but built for the new era.
AMI NGX jukebox


More Than Just Great Music.
Infinite Looks. Effortless Serviceability. Immeasurable Value. The NGX is a streamlined, economically priced, next-generation jukebox with interchangeable skins that allow customers to quickly transform its look and shape, right on location.
The AMI Ad Manager gives you the power to reach more customers with your own custom ads.

This easy-to-use digital signage tool lets you create, edit, schedule and run promotions on your AMI products and connected TVs. Promote daily specials or limited time offers and boost revenue.
With the newest technology, you can connect your jukebox to a nearby TV, providing access to a music television channel with thousands of videos available on-demand.

Customers can pick videos right from the jukebox along with their favorite songs.
Another great innovation is the AMI Music App which lets patrons find, purchase and play music on your jukebox without even leaving their seats.

It’s free to download, fun, and packed with tons of great features. The app has shown to increase weekly collections by an average of 55%.

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